Waterpolo awards are all complete

We are delighted to congratulate everyone who participated in the 2019 Waterpolo season at the NAA. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.  All results for Waterpolo are on the 2019 Waterpolo page.
With the Finals now behind us we can congratulate the following teams for their awards:

Gold: GLE
Gold: GLE
Gold: WES
Gold: GLE
Gold: GLE
Silver: VYC
Silver: WES
Silver: ELM
Silver: WES
Silver: ELM
Bronze: SUR
Bronze: PPK
Bronze: VYC
Bronze: ELM
Bronze: WES

Last 2019 NAA meeting is on August 26th at 7pm

Our final NAA Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 26th at 7pm at Sarto-Desnoyers (Dorval Community Centre) Salon B.

In the attachment below you will find :

– The Agenda for August Assembly

– Attribution of NAA Events within the past 2 years (for bidding purposes)

– NAA 2020 Calendar (which is also downloadable now here on the NAA site on the 2020 Draft Calendar page.

It is very likely that amendment proposals will be submitted so an update to this package is equally likely. If you wish to submit constitutional proposals, please do so in writing at the beginning of the Assembly (or before by e-mail).

This assembly will likely be longer than usual due to the awarding of events. We ask that pools prepare by deciding in advance which events they would like to bid on. Also, please by on time, as we will start the rollcall at 7 PM sharp.

All trophies (as well as spare medals and ribbons) given out during finals must be handed back at this meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.

NAA Meeting package: NAA AUGUST 2019 MEETING PKG 1.0

NAA Diving for 2019 is complete!

Diving Finals are now complete. Our thanks to Fairview’s staff and members, the officials and the many volunteers who made finals possible. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed throughout the season and in Section Finals and Finals.  The results and the final team scores are now available on the 2019 Diving page.

Congratulations to Glenmore on winning A Division and to Ecclestone for winning B Division this year.

Waterpolo Playoffs now complete

Our thanks to both Ecclestone and Elm Park for hosting the Waterpolo playoffs over the past 2 weeks.  We know that as exciting as it is, it can be a lot of disruption for your members.  So our particular thanks to the officials, volunteers and pool members for hosting these events.  They are now complete and the results are posted on the 2019 Waterpolo page.  Waterpolo Finals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th at Valleycrest.

You can now see where teams are placed for the first day of Finals on the 2019 Waterpolo page.

Correction in the report from Big Meet

Our apologies.  Yesterday we incorrectly identified TMR as the winner of the Most Improved trophy.  Upon review of the results today we realize that it was Glenmore who won the Pat Ford Most Improved trophy.  Our apologies to everyone for the confusion and our congratulations to Glenmore on this achievement and a remarkable year!

Pre-Junior Synchro Finals Results

Our thanks to Elm Park for putting on an awesome Pre-Junior Synchro Final. The cuteness factor was off the scale!  The results from Pre-Junior Synchro are now available on the 2019 Synchro Page.

We turn our attention now to Junior Synchro Finals on Monday August 12th at Thorndale Pool.  Warm up for solo 3:00-3:30 followed by duet warm up 3:30-4:00.

Then we have Senior Synchro Finals on Wednesday August 14th at Valleycrest.  Warm up for solo 3:00-3:30 followed by duet warm up 3:30-4:00.


The 2019 Big Meet is in the books! (and online)

Our thanks to Glenmore for putting on a spectacular Big Meet for 2019.  We know the planning went on all year but the results really showed.  In particular we want to thank the officials, the staff, the pool parents, the sponsors and the countless volunteers who made the event possible!

Congratulations to each and every athlete who competed all season and then brought their very best to the Big Meet.

Not only did Glenmore put on an awesome event, their athletes delivered in the pool as well! Our congatulations to Glenmore on winning A Division, 8 and Under, Most Improved and the Big Meet.
Wow – that’s a lot of hardware!

Congratulations to Valleycrest on winning B Division. Valleycrest will compete in A Division in 2020!

Congratulations to Westpark on winning C Division. Westpark will compete in B Division in 2020!

Complete team results are on the 2019 Swim Team page.  Detailed event-by-event results are on the 2019 Big Meet page.

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