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Waterpolo Finals Schedule

Finals Schedule

Elm Park Pool.
532 Rue Montcalm, Dollard-des Ormeaux, QC H9G 1K3

Saturday August 19th
Game # Time Category White Blue Placement (W)
G11 (u12) 10:00 u12 ECC (1) THO (1) 9th
G13 (u14) 12:15 u14 WES VYC 5th
G12 (u12) 10:45 u14 ELM THO 7th
Sunday August 20th
Game # Time Category White Blue Placement (W)
G14 (u12) 10:00 u12 DOR FVW 3rd
G15 (u12) 10:45 u12 WES GLE 1st
G14 (u14) 11:30 u14 WAL FVW 3rd
G15 (u14) 12:15 u14 ECC GLE 1st
G14 (u16) 13:40 u16 ECC WAL 3rd
G15 (u16) 14:25 u16 GLE FVW 1st

Good luck to all the teams!

Waterpolo Playoffs #2

We’re very excited to have received the first schedule or results from Waterpolo today. You’ll find the schedule for Playoffs #2 on the Waterpolo page.  It’s actually the first thing we’ve received to be posted on the Waterpolo page this season.  No word yet on if and when we’ll see the results from dual meets or information on finals.

Stay tuned!

Waterpolo Coaches Meeting June 27 / ELM

Please note that the water polo coaches meeting will be Monday, June 27th at 7pm at Elm Park Pool.
It is important that each pool try to have at least 1 coach present. If a pool cannot send a coach please get in touch with Xavier or myself and we will make sure the information gets communicated.
Please have the coaches come to the meeting with an idea of which teams they will have so that we can better plan the summer game schedule (U12, boys U14/U16, girls U14/U16)

Waterpolo awards are all complete

We are delighted to congratulate everyone who participated in the 2019 Waterpolo season at the NAA. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.  All results for Waterpolo are on the 2019 Waterpolo page.
With the Finals now behind us we can congratulate the following teams for their awards:

Gold: GLE
Gold: GLE
Gold: WES
Gold: GLE
Gold: GLE
Silver: VYC
Silver: WES
Silver: ELM
Silver: WES
Silver: ELM
Bronze: SUR
Bronze: PPK
Bronze: VYC
Bronze: ELM
Bronze: WES

Waterpolo Playoffs now complete

Our thanks to both Ecclestone and Elm Park for hosting the Waterpolo playoffs over the past 2 weeks.  We know that as exciting as it is, it can be a lot of disruption for your members.  So our particular thanks to the officials, volunteers and pool members for hosting these events.  They are now complete and the results are posted on the 2019 Waterpolo page.  Waterpolo Finals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th at Valleycrest.

You can now see where teams are placed for the first day of Finals on the 2019 Waterpolo page.