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Home stretch

synchro_iconWe’re in the home stretch now.  Senior Synchro Finals were completed at Thorndale tonight.  There are some pictures to enjoy in the Photo Gallery and the results from all Synchro Events on the 2015 Synchro page.

diving_iconTomorrow is Diving Finals at Elm Park.  Results of Sectional Finals have been posted on the Diving page.

waterpolo_iconSaturday and Sunday marks the end of NAA competitions with the Waterpolo Finals.  Results from the two semi-finals and the schedule for the weekend can now be found on the Waterpolo page.

Don’t miss Pre-Jr Synchro!

synchro_iconOn the cuteness factor it is 150 on a scale of 10.  There is really nothing more adorable than the NAA Pre-Junior Synchro championship and it is here once again tonight.  Parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, remote relatives will all gather to cheer on our pre-junior athletes as they compete in their Synchro championship at Glenmore pool tonight.  The event starts at 6pm but be there early and don’t be late.  The event is very, very short.  Given the young ages of our athletes it’ll all be over in an hour or less.