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Synchronized swimming finals details

We’ve got details for your Sychronized Swimming Finals for all categories below. Please talk to your pool’s Synchro coach to get your warm-up times!

Pre-Junior Finals
Where: Glenmore Pool
When: Wednesday, August 11th at 3 pm 

Junior Finals
Where: Elm Park Pool
When: Monday, August 16th at 3 pm 

Senior Finals
Where: Ecclestone Pool
When: Wednesday, August 18th at 3pm 

Please note that due to public health restrictions, there will be a limited amount of spectators permitted, please speak to your head of synchro for more details.

Pre-Junior Synchro Finals Results

Our thanks to Elm Park for putting on an awesome Pre-Junior Synchro Final. The cuteness factor was off the scale!  The results from Pre-Junior Synchro are now available on the 2019 Synchro Page.

We turn our attention now to Junior Synchro Finals on Monday August 12th at Thorndale Pool.  Warm up for solo 3:00-3:30 followed by duet warm up 3:30-4:00.

Then we have Senior Synchro Finals on Wednesday August 14th at Valleycrest.  Warm up for solo 3:00-3:30 followed by duet warm up 3:30-4:00.


Exciting news for Junior Finals!

We’re very excited to announced that Claudia Holzner and Audrey Joly who were Pan American Games Gold medalists and part of the Canadian Artistic Swimming National Team will be at the NAA Junior Synchro Finals at Thorndale Pool Monday, August 12th at 4pm.  Claudia and Audrey will be signing autographs and will take pictures with their gold medals!




Synchro Results and upcoming draws!

We have your Junior and Senior Prelim Results now on the 2019 Synchro Page. Congratulations to all our athletes!  Draws for Junior and Synchro Finals will be Thursday, August 1st at Elm Park at 6pm.  Please have at least one Synchro Coach in attendance.

Pre-Junior Finals is approaching on August 7th at Elm Park Pool.   We’d like to remind you that Warm-up for Pre-Junior Finals is at 4pm with the meet starting sharp at 4:15.  Given how quickly this meet moves along, it’s important to arrive early

Synchro Draws are now online

We’ve updated the Synchro Page with the Draws for the Pre-Junior Finals, Junior Prelims and Senior Prelims.  Why do we call them “Draws” you ask?  Because, the NAA Constitution instructs us to literally draw competitor names out of a hat (ok, not a hat, we usually use Zip-lock bags, but you get the idea).  We draw until all eligible competitors have a ranking on when they’ll swim.  The process is a little different for Finals, but we still draw once the preliminaries are over.

You can see the draws from this week on the 2019 Synchro Page.