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Synchro Finals Results

The 2018 NAA Synchro season has come to a close with the Synchro Finals being completed last night. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to every coach, athlete, parent, official and volunteer who made all these events so magnificent.  And to all you pool members across the NAA who listened to two minutes of music played over and over and over along with the metronome banging of a wrench against a pool ladder, thank you for your incredible patience!  The Junior and Senior Synchro Finals results are now available on the 2018 Synchro page.

Synchro Prelim Results are now posted

We’ve got the Junior and Senior Prelim results now posted on the 2018 Synchro page. These results have some influence on the draws to be done for finals as the top six competitors in each event are guaranteed to compete in the last six spots so we do draws for the top six, then the rest of the competitors to figure out the complete order of competition.  Any team can win the event no matter what order they swim in though so bring your best game at Finals!  We’ll be posting the draws for Junior and Senior Finals shortly.

Synchro Prelim Draws are online!

Synchro Draws are completed for Junior and Senior Prelims. Why do we call them draws? Because we literally draw tickets from a hat… Ok, it’s not really a hat. It’s usually a collection of Zip Lock bags – but you get the idea. This determines the order of competition in the Junior and Synchro Prelim events. Once those are completed, we’ll need to draw again for the finals which are done somewhat differently.
You can find the order of competition on the 2018 Synchro page.