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Notifications from the Northshore Aquatic Association

Bring on the 2015 season… The website is ready to go!

It’s taken some effort, but we are standing by and ready for the 2015 NAA season!  Historic results will be added continually but the last 2 years are already up and viewable.  There are over 20,000 pictures in the Photo Gallery and we’ve even restored photo gallery entries for Elm Park that go back to the 1990s.

The menus are all active and you can even see our new Twitter Feed on the right hand side of our home page!  Follow us @NAA_Notices on Twitter for up to the minute news!

Our new platform will make it easier to feature new and richer content and update the site much more effectively.

An update on our updates!

CV in Chicago 2010

Just after the 2014 NAA season was complete, the NAA site was hacked rather roughly by person or persons unknown and I had no choice but to dig in, take our backups and start re-building.  The effort is extensive but the work is well underway.  I’ve elected to move the NAA site to the well known (and more automatically updated) WordPress which is what you’re looking at right now.

The website updates are underway but there’s a lot to update!  The general format of our new website home is complete and the calendar and constitution are up and ready along with key files like the Executive list and the Hiring list.  I’ve started adding the pages and menus for our other work but just to give you an example of what needs doing, there are over 20,000 pictures in the photo gallery alone!

There are also several hundred pages of results which I’m in the process of building into files that can be posted on the website.  Over the coming weeks you’re going to see fairly constant updates as the content gradually is translated into the new formats so don’t despair! We’ll be ready for the season.

Contact me directly at if you’re looking for something very specific but otherwise please be patient as we get our home back in order!

Chris Vandersluis