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Notifications from the Northshore Aquatic Association

A letter from our new past president

Chers membres de la communauté de l’AAN,
Puisque mon mandat tire à sa fin, je vous remercie pour le privilège d’avoir été au service de l’AAN au cours des quatre dernières années. Alors que nous espérons un retour à nos activités normales en 2022, je suis certain que le meilleur est à venir.
À la suite de notre dernière assemblée, veuillez me joindre pour souhaiter la bienvenue à notre nouveau président Martin avec qui le comité exécutif travaillera en étroite collaboration en prévision de l’été prochain.


Dear members of the NAA community,
As my term comes to its end, thank you for the privilege of having let me serve the NAA for these past four years. As we hope for a return to our normal activities in 2022, I am certain that the best is yet to come.
Following our last assembly, please join me in welcoming our new president Martin with whom the executive will be working closely in anticipation for next summer.

Best regards,

NAA 2020 Season cancellation due to Covid19

The NAA executive has decided to cancel all NAA 2020 events due to COVID19, immediately nullifying the 2020 calendar. Unfortunately, too many
variables would make it impossible to run a consistent season for all four disciplines, not to mention that in the summer months, it may be not in line
with public health directives.

For the official letter from Daniel Sikorski, NAA’s President download his attached letter…

Download Daniel’s Letter

Award of events for 2020

In this week’s season-closing NAA meeting, we voted on and awarded all the Finals events for 2020.  You can see the 2020 Calendar with these events already posted on the 2020 Calendar The following pools will be hosting these events:


  • Big Meet: Ecclestone
  • A Time Trials: Fairview
  • B and C Combined Time Trials: Walters
  • Summer Swimmers Meet: Valleycrest

Synchronized Swimming

  • Junior Finals: Elm Park
  • Senior Finals: Westpark
  • Pre-Junior Finals: Thorndale
  • Junior Prelims: Glenmore
  • Senior Prelims: Valleycrest


  • Diving Finals: Surrey


  • Waterpolo Finals: Elm Park
  • Playoffs #1: Westminster
  • Playoffs #2: Glenmore

Thanks to all the pools who will be working over the year to host these events.  We wish everyone a great off-season and stay tuned for some off-season notices on special projects that we are working on.


Last 2019 NAA meeting is on August 26th at 7pm

Our final NAA Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 26th at 7pm at Sarto-Desnoyers (Dorval Community Centre) Salon B.

In the attachment below you will find :

– The Agenda for August Assembly

– Attribution of NAA Events within the past 2 years (for bidding purposes)

– NAA 2020 Calendar (which is also downloadable now here on the NAA site on the 2020 Draft Calendar page.

It is very likely that amendment proposals will be submitted so an update to this package is equally likely. If you wish to submit constitutional proposals, please do so in writing at the beginning of the Assembly (or before by e-mail).

This assembly will likely be longer than usual due to the awarding of events. We ask that pools prepare by deciding in advance which events they would like to bid on. Also, please by on time, as we will start the rollcall at 7 PM sharp.

All trophies (as well as spare medals and ribbons) given out during finals must be handed back at this meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.

NAA Meeting package: NAA AUGUST 2019 MEETING PKG 1.0