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NAA Diving for 2019 is complete!

Diving Finals are now complete. Our thanks to Fairview’s staff and members, the officials and the many volunteers who made finals possible. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed throughout the season and in Section Finals and Finals.  The results and the final team scores are now available on the 2019 Diving page.

Congratulations to Glenmore on winning A Division and to Ecclestone for winning B Division this year.

Swim Records

We have one new record to record that we missed over the last couple of days.  In 2005 Matthew Grillo of Elm Park posted a time of 34.03 in the boys 11/12 Backstroke.  In 2012, Evan Hirschbach of Ballantyne was able to tie that record and the two swimmers have shared the record ever since.

No longer.

Last week Alexandre Yazedjian of TMR broke through with a time of 33.57.  He is the new record holder and we apologize to Alexandre for not posting this until today.  Great work!

We’ve also made a correction to Kade Wist’s record in the Men’s Open Butterfly.  Kade was swimming for Fairview, not Thorndale.

All the NAA 25M records can be found on the NAA 25M Records page.