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Waterpolo Playoffs now complete

Our thanks to both Ecclestone and Elm Park for hosting the Waterpolo playoffs over the past 2 weeks.  We know that as exciting as it is, it can be a lot of disruption for your members.  So our particular thanks to the officials, volunteers and pool members for hosting these events.  They are now complete and the results are posted on the 2019 Waterpolo page.  Waterpolo Finals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th at Valleycrest.

You can now see where teams are placed for the first day of Finals on the 2019 Waterpolo page.

Waterpolo Finals results and medal winners are here

Waterpolo results are now complete and have been posted on the 2018 Waterpolo page.   Our thanks to all the volunteers, coaches and officials for their tireless work and to all the pools members who made time for the teams to practice and then compete.  The Medal winners for 2018  are:

  • U12 bronze: Westminister
  • U12 silver: Valleycrest
  • U12 gold: Glenmore
  • U14 girls bronze: Ecclestone
  • U14 boys bronze: Valleycrest
  • U14 girls silver: Westminster
  • U14 boys silver: Westminster
  • U14 girls gold: Glenmore
  • U14 boys gold: Glenmore
  • U16 girls bronze: Elm Park
  • U16 boys bronze: Elm Park
  • U16 girls silver: Glenmore
  • U16 boys silver: Westminster
  • U16 girls gold: Westminster
  • U16 boys gold: Glenmore

Waterpolo Playoff Schedule

We’ve now posted the last of Waterpolo dual meet results as well as the Under 12 Mixed and Girls 14 and Under and Girls 16 and under Playoff Schedule for August 7th at Elm Park. You can find it all on the 2018 Waterpolo page. Congratulations to all the teams, coaches, officials and volunteers who helped make the Waterpolo dual meet season so awesome.  We’re looking forward to the Playoffs!

Note: A previous post incorrectly listed August 14th as the Girls and U12 Playoff date.  We apologize for any confusion