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Time Trials results are now online!

Our thanks to our three host pools, Glenmore, Ecclestone and Ballantyne for hosting our A, B and C Division Time Trials.  We very much appreciate the work of the pool staff, officials, volunteers coaches, parents and athletes for three great events.  The Time Trials results have now been posted on the 2018 NAA Results page.  You’ll find separate results for each of the three divisions and a combination file which brings all the results together for our 2018 Championship Big Meet next Saturday at Valleycrest.

Swimming shifts into a new phase!

With the final scores now in for the Swim Team Dual Meets, we now move into the second phase of the NAA Swim Season.

Based on the dual meet scores we will determine the swim lanes for the Time Trial Preliminary heats on Saturday. Remember that only a limited number of competitors for each event in each age group can participate and that each competitor is limited to how many events they can qualify in. Then based on the Time Trials Preliminary results, we’ll know who will qualify for the annual Big Meet a week later!

We encourage both qualifier and non-qualifier swimmers and their families to come out to the Time Trials and Big Meet to cheer their pool teams.

Swim Team Dual Meet Scores are in!

We’ve got all the results in now from the Swim Team Dual Meets on the 2018 Swim Team page.  You can see where each pool ranks.  In the C Division, we’ve made averages to manage the Off weeks each pool had and we’ve added the participation points from the Summer Swimmers Meet.  These totals will be used on Saturday at Time Trials to determine lane placement and then carried forward to next week to add to the Big Meet results to determine winners in each division.

Week 4 Swim Team results now available

We’re coming into the final stretch of the Swim Team dual meet season.  With the Week 4 results now posted on the 2018 Swim Team page, the leaders in each division are starting to form up!  We will be posting the results next week as quickly as possible so we ask that all Swim Team Coaches make a special effort to get their results to Brandon, the VP of Swimming on Wednesday night as soon as you have them available.

There is only one week left of the dual meet season and we’re sure teams will be bringing there very best game next Wednesday!

2018 Summer Swimmers Meet Results are in the books!

What a great meet it was! Our congratulations to Walters on posting the high team score and winning the 2018 Summer Swimmers Meet!  Our thanks to everyone at Briarwood for putting on a spectacular meet and thanks too to every volunteer, official and staff member who helped make this a great day.

Congratulations to every athlete who competed and brought their very best to the meet.

The team scores as well as each individual swim result are available on the 2018 Summer Swimmers Meet page.

Swim Relays for Time Trials and Big Meet

Every year prior to the start of the dual meet season, the swim team coaches meet and use a coin toss to determine the relays for athletes 11 and up.  The relays for 8-Under and 9-10 are automatically Freestyle as per the Constitution.  These relay choices will be used for all divisions in Time Trials and at the Big Meet.

When the coin toss was done a few weeks ago, this information wasn’t published so here it is.

Girls 11/12: Medley
Boys 11/12: Freestyle
Girls 13/14: Freestyle
Boys 13/14: Medley
Women Open: Medley
Men’s Open: Freestyle