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Notifications from the Northshore Aquatic Association

We’re getting ready for the 2019 season!

Here on the NAA website, we’re getting ready for what promises to be an exciting 2019 season. The 2018 NAA results have been put into the NAA Historic Results pages and our 2019 results are all blank and ready for action. As the new NAA meetings get underway in May we’ll update the competitive schedules and let you know as we do. This is a good time to make sure you’re following us on Twitter where we update all new posts to the site.!

Last NAA Meeting of the 2018 Season – Aug 27, 7pm

You will find attached the following meeting package for the final 2018 NAA Assembly to be held at 7PM on August 27th 2018 at Sarto-Desnoyers (Dorval Community Centre) Salon B.

Hard copies of this package will be be made available during the meeting. It contains:

  • Agenda for August Assembly;
  • Attribution of NAA Events within the past 2 years (for bidding purposes);
  • NAA 2019  Calendar.
  • No constitutional amendment proposals have been received yet.

This assembly is longer than usual due to the awarding of events. We kindly ask that pools decide in advance which events they would like to bid on.  We ask that everyone show up on time, as the roll-call will start at 7 PM sharp.

All trophies given out during finals must be handed back at this meeting. Thank you for your cooperation. If you wish to submit constitutional proposals, please do so in writing at the beginning of the Assembly (or before by e-mail) to Daniel.

Download: August Assembly 2019 Meeting Package

Swim Relays for Time Trials and Big Meet

Every year prior to the start of the dual meet season, the swim team coaches meet and use a coin toss to determine the relays for athletes 11 and up.  The relays for 8-Under and 9-10 are automatically Freestyle as per the Constitution.  These relay choices will be used for all divisions in Time Trials and at the Big Meet.

When the coin toss was done a few weeks ago, this information wasn’t published so here it is.

Girls 11/12: Medley
Boys 11/12: Freestyle
Girls 13/14: Freestyle
Boys 13/14: Medley
Women Open: Medley
Men’s Open: Freestyle

Swim Team Stroke and Turn Judges Clinic

We will be holding a Stroke and Turn Judges clinic for any NAA official who may be asked to do Stroke and Turn judging in 2018.  We recommend that any of our officials who may be in this capacity attend the clinic even if you are FNQ certified in this capacity.  We will be covering basic stroke and turn standards of course but also the unique rules of the NAA that are part of our Constitution.  Those who expect to judge Stroke and Turn and Referees are particularly welcome.  There is no pre-requisite to attend the clinic so if you’re wondering, please come along.

Location: Westminster Pool
When: Monday, July 2nd at 6:30pm

NAA 2nd Meeting of 2018 on June 18th at 7pm

Hi everybody,
Please find attached several documents in preparation for the NAA General Assembly on June 18th at the Dorval Community Centre at 7:00 PM.
Meeting Agenda for June 18 2018
Constitution amendment proposals from the May 2017 assembly which we shall vote on (amendments pertaining to Synchronized Swimming in one document and the Swimming Standardization proposals which include some  points to be discussed during the follow-up point on the agenda)
-Synchro Start Times Proposal
-NAA infraction sheet update
As usual, each pool will have two votes, please send two representatives as per the constitution (one from the board and one lifeguard is recommended). The NAA calendar online lists that the assembly will be at 9:32 PM. Please disregard that, the meeting begins at 7 PM.
In case some of you want to start planning ahead, here are the dates and times for the Coaches Meetings:

Swimming: at Westminster Pool @ 6PM on June 27  (Swim Cards will be given out at this meeting)

Diving: at Sarto-Desnoyers @ 6:30 PM on June 26
Synchronized Swimming: at Elm Park @ 6PM on Jun 28
Water Polo : at Glenmore Pool @ 7PM on June 25
Wishing all of the member pools a great start for summer 2018,
Daniel Sikorski