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All Time Trials Results are now online

Our thanks to Westminster, Surrey and Westpark for putting on some awesome Time Trials and in particular to the officials, parents and countless volunteers who made these three simultaneous meets possible!

The results are now in and have been compiled together.
You’ll find links to all the files on the 2019 NAA Results page. We have separate files for A, B and C  and a combination file for all three events merged together.

Remember that according to our Constitution, no pool can have more than 3 swimmers in any event for the Big Meet, so if you see an “EX” next to a swimmer’s results, that will mean that the swim was considered an Exhibition swim.  This can happen when three athletes compete in the preliminary and only the top two can move on to the Big Meet.

Also, after placing the top twelve competitors in an event, the next four competitors are listed as Alternates.  There are inevitably some scratches from qualifiers at the Big Meet so if you are an Alternate, please make sure you’re not only there, but available to the marshals at the time of your event!

We encourage everyone to come to Glenmore next Saturday for our 2019 Championship Big Meet!

Swim Team Dual Meet season is over. Here are the results so far

Another Dual Meet season is complete for the NAA.  You can find all the team scores on the 2019 Swim Team page.  For C Division, we have replaced the off-weeks with an average score of the other meets for that pool .  These results will determine the lane placement in tomorrow’s Prelimins.

Now we shift into Finals mode in two parts.  Tomorrow will be the Preliminaries for each division.  A, B and C divisions will compete and then results from all three meets will be compiled together to find the top twelve swimmers in each event.  No pool can have more than two swimmers in a single event so for 10 and under swimmers who might have three swimmers in a Preliminary, only the top two can move on to the Championship finals.

From across the NAA the top twelve swimmers and Relays in each event will compete next week in our annual Championship Big Meet!

Congratulations to each and every athlete who contributed to your team in the dual meet season and good luck to all athletes who will be competing in the prelims tomorrow and the Big Meet next week!

Synchro Results and upcoming draws!

We have your Junior and Senior Prelim Results now on the 2019 Synchro Page. Congratulations to all our athletes!  Draws for Junior and Synchro Finals will be Thursday, August 1st at Elm Park at 6pm.  Please have at least one Synchro Coach in attendance.

Pre-Junior Finals is approaching on August 7th at Elm Park Pool.   We’d like to remind you that Warm-up for Pre-Junior Finals is at 4pm with the meet starting sharp at 4:15.  Given how quickly this meet moves along, it’s important to arrive early

Summer Swimmers Meet Details

This year’s Summer Swimmers Meet will be at Walters Pool on Saturday, July 20th. It’s a must attend whether you have a summer swimmer in the meet or not as it is one of the most exciting meets of the year.

Staggered warm-ups start at 7am depending on which pool you are and the meet starts at 8:30.  See the Meet Package below for all the details!

Meet Package: Summer Swimmer Meet Package

Synchro Draws are now online

We’ve updated the Synchro Page with the Draws for the Pre-Junior Finals, Junior Prelims and Senior Prelims.  Why do we call them “Draws” you ask?  Because, the NAA Constitution instructs us to literally draw competitor names out of a hat (ok, not a hat, we usually use Zip-lock bags, but you get the idea).  We draw until all eligible competitors have a ranking on when they’ll swim.  The process is a little different for Finals, but we still draw once the preliminaries are over.

You can see the draws from this week on the 2019 Synchro Page.