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Synchro Draws for Pre-Junior Finals and Jr. Sr Prelims

Every year the Synchro coaches meet to determine the order of competition for the Synchronized Swimming competitions.  At the first meeting that was just held, team names were put into a hat (ok it was a bag) and the names are drawn out one at a time.  The draws for the Pre-Junior Synchro Finals on August 9th are now set as are those for the Junior and Senior Preliminary competitions.  We will be drawing again for Junior and Senior Finals after the Preliminaries as the results of the prelims affect the order of the finals. See the Synchro Page for the Pre-Jr Finals Jr. and Sr. Prelims draws.

Calendar Update

We have updated the 2017 Calendar with the following information:

As a reminder, coaches have must-attend meetings on the following dates:

  • Monday June 26 – Waterpolo. Glenmore at 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday June 27th – Diving. Fairview at 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday June 28th – Swimming. Elm Park at 4:30 PM
  • Thursday June 29th – Synchro. Elm Park at 7:00.

These meetings are mandatory for your head coaches.

Also, the Diving Judges Clinic will be held Thursday June 29th at the Dorval Community center at 7:00.  Please contact Elyssa for further details.

All 2016 NAA Synchronized Swimming Results now online

synchro_iconWhat a season it was!  The synchronized swimmers will think of their teammates and their parents will be unable to forget snippets of overplayed music until next spring. The results of the NAA Synchro competitions are now all online on the 2016 Synchro page.  Our congratulations to Westminster for winning both the Pre-Junior competition and the overall trophy, to Valleycrest who won the Junior trophy and Thorndale who won senior.

Synchro Prelim Draws are now posted

synchro_iconEvery year the synchronized swimming coaches meet to determine the order of competition for the preliminary meets. The coaches literally draw team names out of a hat (ok, it’s usually a zip-lock bag but you get the idea!). We have the draws already completed for this season for the preliminary competitions and for the Pre-Junior Finals competition (because there is no prelim for pre-junior). Once the prelims are complete, the draws for finals will be done and we’ll post those as well. You can find the draws for prelims and for Pre-Junior Finals on the 2016 Synchro page.

NAA Constitution Update!

naalogo_iconWe’ve updated the NAA Constitution based on votes taken in the first NAA meeting of the season.  You’ll find the latest NAA Constitution on the NAA Constitution page.  Sections to note that were changed based on the meeting on May 16th are:

  • Section 1.2.1 on Eligibility
  • Section 1.3.2 and 3.1.2 for Synchro

We recommend you download the latest NAA Constitution and keep a copy handy at your pool for reference.

Congratulations to the Synchro Champs

synchro_iconWe have news from the world of Synchronized Swimming.  Our finals results have now all been calculated and we can tell you the trophy winners for 2015:

Winner of A Division: Ecclestone
Winner of B Division: Versailles
Winner of Pre-Junior Division: Westminster
Winner of Junior Division: Westminster
Winner of Senior Division: Ecclestone

Congratulations to all the athletes (both boys and girls!) who put in such remarkable performances.