For those of you who’ve been around the website for years, you’ll know that I often post many pictures each season. I no longer live in the country however and, while I’m in Montreal every 3 weeks or so, getting to meets and finals is quite difficult. There are some pictures in our Photo Gallery that I got while in town just before Time Trials but that will be all the Photogallery pictures we have for this season. Happily, Jean Bertand has numerous shots of the Big Meet on his Flickr site at:  Thank you Jean for sharing these great shots!

Chris Vandersluis (Webmaster)


It’s time to elect a new NAA President

We’d like to remind you all that the election for NAA President will take place at our August 28th meeting.   Steve Batah, our current President has done an exemplary job these last years but it is time to pass the torch to someone new.  If you or anyone you know is interested in being the next NAA President, we encourage you to contact Steve Batah at or (514) 869-6811 or just speak to him at one of the Finals events this week.

A description of the role of NAA President can be found right here on the website in the Download area.

Big Meet Results

We’ve got all the results and points for the 2017 NAA Championship Big Meet now posted.  You’ll find the points for the season now complete on the 2017 Swim Team page.  The results for each event at Big Meet is now posted on the 2017 Big Meet page.

Congratulations to TMR for winning Big Meet, A Division and the 8 and Under Trophy.   Congratulations to Thorndale for winning B Division and to Versailles for winning C Division.  Elm Park won the Most Improved Trophy.

In 2018, Thorndale will move to A Division. Ecclestone and Versailles will move to B Division and Ballantyne will move to C Division


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