Waterpolo Finals results and medal winners are here

Waterpolo results are now complete and have been posted on the 2018 Waterpolo page.   Our thanks to all the volunteers, coaches and officials for their tireless work and to all the pools members who made time for the teams to practice and then compete.  The Medal winners for 2018  are:

  • U12 bronze: Westminister
  • U12 silver: Valleycrest
  • U12 gold: Glenmore
  • U14 girls bronze: Ecclestone
  • U14 boys bronze: Valleycrest
  • U14 girls silver: Westminster
  • U14 boys silver: Westminster
  • U14 girls gold: Glenmore
  • U14 boys gold: Glenmore
  • U16 girls bronze: Elm Park
  • U16 boys bronze: Elm Park
  • U16 girls silver: Glenmore
  • U16 boys silver: Westminster
  • U16 girls gold: Westminster
  • U16 boys gold: Glenmore

Swim Records

We have one new record to record that we missed over the last couple of days.  In 2005 Matthew Grillo of Elm Park posted a time of 34.03 in the boys 11/12 Backstroke.  In 2012, Evan Hirschbach of Ballantyne was able to tie that record and the two swimmers have shared the record ever since.

No longer.

Last week Alexandre Yazedjian of TMR broke through with a time of 33.57.  He is the new record holder and we apologize to Alexandre for not posting this until today.  Great work!

We’ve also made a correction to Kade Wist’s record in the Men’s Open Butterfly.  Kade was swimming for Fairview, not Thorndale.

All the NAA 25M records can be found on the NAA 25M Records page.

Last NAA Meeting of the 2018 Season – Aug 27, 7pm

You will find attached the following meeting package for the final 2018 NAA Assembly to be held at 7PM on August 27th 2018 at Sarto-Desnoyers (Dorval Community Centre) Salon B.

Hard copies of this package will be be made available during the meeting. It contains:

  • Agenda for August Assembly;
  • Attribution of NAA Events within the past 2 years (for bidding purposes);
  • NAA 2019  Calendar.
  • No constitutional amendment proposals have been received yet.

This assembly is longer than usual due to the awarding of events. We kindly ask that pools decide in advance which events they would like to bid on.  We ask that everyone show up on time, as the roll-call will start at 7 PM sharp.

All trophies given out during finals must be handed back at this meeting. Thank you for your cooperation. If you wish to submit constitutional proposals, please do so in writing at the beginning of the Assembly (or before by e-mail) to Daniel.

Download: August Assembly 2019 Meeting Package

New NAA Swim Records

We have some new record holders in the NAA following this year’s Big Meet.  Records set as long ago as 33 years ago have fallen!

In the 8 and Under boys 25M freestyle, Elm Park’s Kris Grant 16.04 eclipsed the 1985 record of Westpark’s legendary Steve Jarvis of 16.30.  Great work Kris!  This was the oldest NAA record!

In the 9-10 Girls 50M Freestyle TMR’s Ye Hyun Jeon’s time of 31.97 beat the 2010 Fairview time of 32.19 clocked by Leah Meklensek.

In Women’s Open, Tori Meklensek was able to beat Sunnybrooke’s Katie Milbers time from 2009 by only 6 hundredths of a second!  The new time to beat is 27.13

In Girls 11/12 50M Butterfly Cote St Luc’s Mandy Vistal’s time of 32.18 takes over the record of 32.22 set in 1997 by the famed Val Tcholkayan of Elm Park.

In Men’s Open 50M Butterfly Kade Wist of Fairview’s startling time of 24.80 becomes the new time to beat as the old record of 25.51 set by Karim Zayed of Thorndale in 2009 falls.

In Girls 9/10 200M Freestyle the new record of 2:23.22 was set by TMR and takes over the 1986 record of Westminster of 2:25.70.

In Girls 11/12 200M Medley Relay, TMR’s time of 2:23.75 beats the 2003 record set by Fairview of 2:23.93

In the Boys 11/12 200M Freestyle Relay, TMR’s time of 1:57.83 crushes the 2012 time of 2:06.03 set by Fairview.

You can see all the 25M records on the NAA 25M Swim records page.

Synchro Finals Results

The 2018 NAA Synchro season has come to a close with the Synchro Finals being completed last night. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to every coach, athlete, parent, official and volunteer who made all these events so magnificent.  And to all you pool members across the NAA who listened to two minutes of music played over and over and over along with the metronome banging of a wrench against a pool ladder, thank you for your incredible patience!  The Junior and Senior Synchro Finals results are now available on the 2018 Synchro page.

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