Welcome to the 2016 NAA Season!

SteveBatah.jpgHi, I’m Steve Batah, the President of the NAA and I wish all of you a big welcome to the 2016 NAA season!

The NAA Executive Committee has set the gears in motion to start planning the upcoming competitive season. For those of you who are not familiar with the North Shore Aquatic Association, we are an organization that brings together 19 outdoor community pools for a series of fun and friendly competitions which include swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. These weekly competitions provide a framework for children, teenagers and even some parents to compete against other pools in a very friendly way. Participation in these aquatic sports is accessible to all no matter what their skill level. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. A team of young lifeguards will coach and encourage your child to participate by making practices and competitions fun and rewarding.

For more information on the NAA, see About the NAA right here on the website or contact a member of the Executive Committee.

We’ll have more announcements for you very soon on our upcoming meetings and events! If you don’t want to miss anything, make sure you are following us on Twitter: @NAA_Notices.


Bring on 2016!

Happy-New-Year-2016_300x212We’re getting ready over here for the 2016 NAA Season so you’ll see a few changes in the menu. The 2015 results have all now been moved to the NAA Historic Results page along with previous year’s results. The main menu will now direct you to the new 2016 pages which we’ll be filling in following the first and second NAA meetings in May and June where schedules for events are finalized.
Enjoy the holiday season but don’t eat too much turkey… you’ll need to stay in shape for swimming, diving, synchro and waterpolo in the summer!

2016 Finals have been awarded

naalogo_143x59As we do every fall at our last NAA meeting, pools offer to host our various finals events.  The 2016 events were all awarded earlier this week.  You can find the complete calendar on the 2016 Calendar page.

Here are the 2016 NAA Events:

Big Meet: Glenmore
A Time Trials: Westminster
B Time Trials: Fairview
C Time Trials: Surrey
Summer Swim Meet: Valleycrest

Synchronized Swimming
Senior Finals: Westpark
Junior Finals: Thorndale
Pre Junior Finals: Elm Park
A Prelims: Ecclestone
B Prelims: Valleycrest

Diving Finals: Fairview
A Sections: Westminster
B Sections: Elm Park

Finals: Valleycrest
Playoffs #1: Ecclestone
Playoffs #2: Ecclestone

Diving Finals Results are now in

diving_iconCongratulations to all the athletes who competed in the NAA 2015 Diving Finals.  You can find the results on the 2015 Diving page.  With Finals now complete, we can say congratulations to Thorndale who wins A Division.  Congratulations go to Surrey for winning B Division.  Surry will compete in A Division in 2016.  Briarwood will compete in B Division in 2016


Congratulations to the Synchro Champs

synchro_iconWe have news from the world of Synchronized Swimming.  Our finals results have now all been calculated and we can tell you the trophy winners for 2015:

Winner of A Division: Ecclestone
Winner of B Division: Versailles
Winner of Pre-Junior Division: Westminster
Winner of Junior Division: Westminster
Winner of Senior Division: Ecclestone

Congratulations to all the athletes (both boys and girls!) who put in such remarkable performances.

Last NAA Meeting of the season August 24th 7pm

naalogo_143x59Please find below the agenda for the August 24th General Assembly.  Minutes from the June meeting, as well as constitutional change proposals will be emailed prior to the meeting.

Any constitutional change proposals must be submitted in writing, prior to, or at the August meeting.

Ideally,  2 representatives from each pool will be in attendance with one of the two representatives being a board member and the other a staff member. Each pool has up to 2 votes.
Lastly, trophies must be returned at the August 24th meeting.

Read more for the complete agenda below:

Continue reading Last NAA Meeting of the season August 24th 7pm

Waterpolo Finals are … well, final!

waterpolo_iconOur thanks to Westpark for being such gracious hosts through the weekend and putting on a great waterpolo final!

All the athletes are to be congratulated for putting on remarkable performances but there are particular congratulations to Glenmore who won 5 golds in the finals. The weekend was made all the sweeter for having the first ever 12 and Under Mixed Finals as an official NAA event. Once again, it was Glenmore who took home the trophy in a tight 3-2 game with Briarwood.

You can find all the results on the 2015 Waterpolo page.


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