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Big Meet Results

We’ve got all the results and points for the 2017 NAA Championship Big Meet now posted.  You’ll find the points for the season now complete on the 2017 Swim Team page.  The results for each event at Big Meet is now posted on the 2017 Big Meet page.

Congratulations to TMR for winning Big Meet, A Division and the 8 and Under Trophy.   Congratulations to Thorndale for winning B Division and to Versailles for winning C Division.  Elm Park won the Most Improved Trophy.

In 2018, Thorndale will move to A Division. Ecclestone and Versailles will move to B Division and Ballantyne will move to C Division


Updates to Swim Team Scores

There have been some last minute adjustments to Swim Team scores following a review of the VP of Swimming.  We have just posted the official dual meet score totals going into Big Meet tomorrow on the Swim Team page.

We wish all our teams and athletes the best of luck tomorrow at the Big Meet at Elm Park where they are celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer!

2017 Time Trial Results now available

The 2017 Time Trials are complete and we have the results.  Our thanks to our gracious hosts of the A, B and C division Time Trials today which were much appreciated by all.  And, our congratulations to all athletes who competed so fiercely for their pools.  We have the combined A, B and C Time Trials results available on the 2017 Combined Time Trials page.  The A, B and C separate results will be posted over the next couple of days.  Based on the results of the combined Time Trials, the A and B heats will be determined at the Big Meet.  Remember, no pool can have more than 2 people in an event so in the case of some events where 3 people might have been in Time Trials heats, only the two fastest competitors will make it into the event.  There are 12 competitors for each event, 6 in each heat. There are also 4 alternates for each event who should be standing by in case there are late scratches.

If you find any typos or believe there is an error in the results, please contact your own Swim Team coach to discuss it and then that coach will contact the VP of Swimming if necessary.

Now, it’s on to the Big Meet!

Dual Meet Swim Team results are in!

The Dual Meet Swim Team season has finally come to an end for another year.  Now we shift the swimming competitions from dual meets to the Championship phase of the 2017 season.  First, tomorrow on August 5th, we’ll be having the Time Trials competitions in the A, B and C divisions.  These are the preliminary heats for the Championship Big Meet which will take place a week later on August 12th at Elm Park.

A special note for Big Meet this year is that, while Time Trials are all being held in 25M pools.  Elm Park will swim 25 Yard events.  That makes a bigger opportunity for swimmers to achieve NAA records and we expect a number of them to occur as it is less common for the Big Meet to be swum in yards!

The results of the Dual meet events will determine lane placements for tomorrow’s Time Trials with the highest dual meet results for a team, placing them more in a central lane.  Go to the Swim Team page to see the results for this season thus far.