2018 Summer Swimmers Meet Results are in the books!

What a great meet it was! Our congratulations to Walters on posting the high team score and winning the 2018 Summer Swimmers Meet!  Our thanks to everyone at Briarwood for putting on a spectacular meet and thanks too to every volunteer, official and staff member who helped make this a great day.

Congratulations to every athlete who competed and brought their very best to the meet.

The team scores as well as each individual swim result are available on the 2018 Summer Swimmers Meet page.

Swim Relays for Time Trials and Big Meet

Every year prior to the start of the dual meet season, the swim team coaches meet and use a coin toss to determine the relays for athletes 11 and up.  The relays for 8-Under and 9-10 are automatically Freestyle as per the Constitution.  These relay choices will be used for all divisions in Time Trials and at the Big Meet.

When the coin toss was done a few weeks ago, this information wasn’t published so here it is.

Girls 11/12: Medley
Boys 11/12: Freestyle
Girls 13/14: Freestyle
Boys 13/14: Medley
Women Open: Medley
Men’s Open: Freestyle

Synchro Prelim Draws are online!

Synchro Draws are completed for Junior and Senior Prelims. Why do we call them draws? Because we literally draw tickets from a hat… Ok, it’s not really a hat. It’s usually a collection of Zip Lock bags – but you get the idea. This determines the order of competition in the Junior and Synchro Prelim events. Once those are completed, we’ll need to draw again for the finals which are done somewhat differently.
You can find the order of competition on the 2018 Synchro page.

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